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What if managing HR was a pleasure and not a chore?

It can be, when it’s taken care of for you.

Get ready to say goodbye to that great big year planner on the wall. As well as employment law, Zenith Lawyers can take care of all those time-consuming day-to-day matters that HR management involves.

From keeping track of staff holidays to looking after your confidential files, our experienced HR team are here to look after it all for you.

Now Zenith Lawyers can go a step further in being your in-­house HR team. We can be there for you in person. If you need to investigate something like bullying, theft or harassment, we can do it for you. If you need to hold a disciplinary meeting or an appeal, we can do that too. Or, if you prefer to hold the meeting yourself, we can coach you beforehand.

Got an HR problem? Zenith Lawyers can help you solve it.

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